It’s the 21st Century art version of sitting you down for a timeshare sales pitch, but it’s got to be done. Please take a moment to view this short video for Salon Saloon’s Kickstarter campaign for Volume 7.

As you know, I am very proud of the work Colin, Shanai, Jake, Katie, Claire and Elliott do on the show, on a pretty shoestring budget. Kicking us a few dollars will help us continue to do it into the future, and see that more of our staff and guests are compensated for their hard work.

And some of the prizes are pretty good! For $25, you’d get a tote bag. Who wouldn’t want a tote bag? They’re really nice-looking; I designed them myself, using computers. You’ll be the most envied person on your bus or train with a Salon Saloon tote bag. You’ll make all the other riders with public radio and podcast-branded tote bags look like total chumps. “Man, I got to get with it,” they’ll think to themselves. “I’m advertising my affiliation with some dippy comedy podcast when I could be advertising my affiliation with a live-action arts magazine in Minneapolis?” And they’re right!

For $40, you’d get the bag, and you can get Salon Saloon: The Middle Years, a compilation CD of performances from the show by musicians like Chris Koza, Aby Wolf, and Brute Heart, as well as beloved writers like Dobby Gibson and Anne Ursu — it’s the first time we’ve ever made Salon Saloon recorded material available to the public. And it’s not just any Chris Koza performance. It’s Chris Koza singing a Jesus Jones song! And he sings it gorgeously! Surely that’s worth $40 to you. 

Have I persuaded you? I hope so. At least enjoy the video. It’s a nice snapshot of what the show looks like. Pledge away, friends!


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