Works Progress Happy Hour


This & Every Friday!

To celebrate our new home in the Robert’s Shoes building at Lake & Chicago, we’re hosting a weekly happy hour on Fridays from 3 to 6pm. Stop by anytime for a cup of coffee, tea, wine or beer. Learn what we’ve been up to, relax, brainstorm or share your ideas, meet and chat with other creative people, or just browse our growing library of books and resources.

Works Progress Happy Hour
Every Friday from 3 to 6pm
734 East Lake Street, Suite 208
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407

Important note: The buzzer is on the Chicago Avenue side of the building. Press # and then 09 to ring Suite 208 (a directory on the window will tell you the same) and we’ll buzz you in. Or call Colin at (612) 839-0810 if that’s giving you trouble.

You never know who else might be there! We’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now and some great connections have already been made. Please direct any questions to hello[at]worksprogress[dot]org.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Colin Kloecker & Shanai Matteson
Works Progress

Maybe you can stop by sometime?

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